Boracay Wedding Ken and Sherylin in Sea Wind Resort

10th November 2012 was our special day. When Ken and I visited Boracay, Philippines in 2011, he told me that he wanted to get married in that beautiful island. After he proposed in December 2011 and told our families of our engagement, the first thing we did was to contact resorts in Boracay.

We kept the wedding simple and the details were all about us. From the Cayman Island coins we used in the ceremony, to the Cayman Island rum cake that we gave to guests, to the table names which were Cayman Island places significant to us, to the passport invite, up to the colour motif which was purple, our favourite colour. We also gave Filipino wines to overseas guests and put Irish and Filipino sweets, and of course Irish tea bags, in our loot bags.

The ceremony was held in a Catholic church in the island and the reception followed on the beach.

We were very much overwhelmed by all the people who flew from different places to attend our wedding. It was a small wedding yet complete. We also got free fireworks that night (courtesy I think of another wedding in Boracay) which made the night more magical!

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