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Adam & Antoinette wedding by PixRay Photography

The Details
How did you and your partner meet?
My friend Laura met Adam online and instantly knew she had to introduce him to me. “There’s something about him that makes me think the two of you should meet”, she said, and the more I ignored her the more she insisted. Eventually Laura invited Adam out to drinks without telling me and, although at the time I could have killed her, I’m so happy she did.
Adam and I hit it off instantly. He was funny and sweet and was surprised to learn I enjoyed watching a lot of the same things he did, including sports. We had so much in common, we could have spoken all night. He asked me out and our first date turned to a second and third and as long as he kept me smiling I kept saying yes when he asked. I don’t know what number date we are up to now but we still go on date nights even now, and he still makes me smile.

How did he propose?
We were in Rio De Janeiro as part of our trip to South America,
Adam and I had travelled there for the World cup in 2014 and were lucky enough to share in the experience of watching the world’s biggest sporting event. On our last night in Rio, Adam suggested we go out to dinner to farewell the beautiful city.

Little did I know that he had organised for a private moonlight picnic on Ipanema beach. Lanterns, cheese and wine overlooking the stars and the lights of Rio’s favela it was perfect… almost perfect. Except that Adam got us lost on the way.

We walked around for almost an hour in what I thought was a quest to find the beachside restaurant that Adam had booked… all the while not knowing there was no restaurant or reservation and that Adam couldn’t find the picnic set up he was trying to surprise me with.

I had suggested that we give up and go back to the main area of Ipanema, Adam was determined and grabbed my hand to lead the way. He thought getting to higher ground would help so we climbed up a hill face on the beach where eventually we reached the top. The moon was bright and cast a beautiful light over the waves on the beach that night and the lights of the hundred cliff face homes across the beach looked like fairy lights from a distance. It was a beautiful view, breathtaking.

Locals were gathered on the cliff and a small group stood to the side of us one of them had a small guitar which he started to play Spanish music on, perfectly timed (Even though not at all what he had planned) Adam got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. With the ocean breeze, the Spanish guitar and the breathtaking views it was like something out of dream. I of course was frozen and in shock. After a big embrace, Adam looked at me worryingly. “You haven’t answered” he said. “YES!” I smiled at him

By getting lost we found the perfect spot to capture that moment. We did eventually find the beach picnic.

What’s your most important piece of advice for creating and maintaining a strong relationship?
Always laugh and talk talk talk!

We try to not take things too seriously, and attempt to talk things through as much as possible.
Our commitment to ‘us’ is life long and we both know we have to work on it every day, we just try to have as much fun as we can along the way.

Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it:
The amazingly talented Elide at Bonita Couture Melbourne created a one-off gown made from over 75 meters of Italian tulle and hand beaded French lace.

With an intricate silver beading and a metallic silver bullion thread embroidered in the weave of the lace hand appliqued across the contoured boat neckline and bodice, the gown would catch different shades of light and appear to have both warm and cool tones. The fine Italian tulle cascaded softly into a pale gold and ivory full skirt that added decadence to the gown, a hint of a modern element was the barely there back. The dress was completely backless, dropping quite low to add an element of modern design but tastefully under the hand appliqued lace and silk buttons. I don’t know if I loved the front or the back of the dress more!

The decision was made when I put the dress on, I felt like a bride for the first time. It embodied everything I was looking for, classic elegance, decadence and a hint of a modern bride.

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day?
Adam and I both appreciate traditional qualities and we wanted our day to be an elegant celebration. Our heritage listed beachside church provided the perfect place to share our vows. With simple white lanterns adorned along the aisle the church itself stole the attention. Picturesque with rose gardens to greet our guests and a historic church bell that rang out as we walked out as husband and wife.

Terindah Estate in Bellarine is an exclusive award-winning venue. Stunning and sophisticated, the country estate sits amid the vineyards, overlooking beautiful fields with a peaceful ocean backdrop. Adam and I fell in love with Terindah as soon as we saw it.

We wanted to make the most of the picturesque views and the nearby ocean in terms of a theme. Whilst maintaining an elegant approach we kept our styling clean and natural.

Lots of crisp white linens, finished off with gold accents and warm candle light.

We had four long tables adorned with lots of green foliage, gold napkin rings, gold table top towers with cascading greenery gave us the element of texture and height working in filling the light and open space.

The long lush tables with candles running down the center were met with a large ceiling installation created by the lovely and talented Danielle from Moss Industries; made of leafy greens, local ferns it worked in creating an almost waterfall like piece that tied in the theme and captured everyone’s attention as they walked into the room.

We wanted our guests to feel as though they were sharing a meal with family and so we opted for share platters to add warmth to the evening, encouraging conversation whilst guests were dinning. Our favors were small boxes of traditional Lebanese sweets individually boxed and wrapped with silk gold ribbon for each guest. Tying in with my heritage and the tradition of the sweets, which are often used to celebrate a special occasion, these favors were a lovely addition to the tables and the guests loved them.

What was your favorite moment from the day?
By far the look on Adam’s face as I entered the church. It was pure happiness and love, as if it were almost exploding out of him. Later that day Adam and I stole a moment to sit in our reception venue before the celebration started and just have a quiet minute to ourselves and just breath it all in, we were both so happy we did that.

Any DIY décor elements?
Our 9 little guests were greeted with a specially designed Adam & Antoinette coloring book, produced by my sister. The Book and a collection of crayons wrapped in gold silk ribbon were placed on each of the nine children’s plates just in case they wanted something to do. “Help uncle Adam get to the church” (drawing maze), a wedding themed word find and a “colour the wedding cake” page were all lovingly created for us by my amazingly talented sister Lina. The kids loved the activities and coloring in and the parents appreciated them, too.

If you could do it all over again, what would you change?
I don’t know that I would change anything. We really did have a beautiful day, and as wonderful and happy as it was married life is even better!!! We are both loving where we are now.

Any tips that you can give to future brides?
On the day of your wedding things will go wrong, it’s a fact. Just let it all go, breath and take in all the love of the day. Love from your family and guests and the love you and your partner have for each other. That’s why you’re all there in the first place!

Photographer: PixRay Photography
Stationery: Adorn Invitations
Dress: Bonita Couture
Makeup: Nahrein Yacoub
Hair: PeterPeter Hair
Shoes: Kurt Guiger
Accessories: Family diamonds, borrowed for the day
Bridesmaids Dresses: Love Honor Boutique & Forever New
Grooms Suit: M.J Bale
On The Day Stationery: BWedding Invitations
Cake: Ministry of Cakes
Food: Terindah Estate
Flowers: Moss Industry
Ceremony Venue: St Aloysius Church, Queenscliff
Reception Venue: Terindah Estate, Bellarine

Lakeside Wedding Theme

Magical Lakeside inspiration

Looking for a way to make your big day magical? Why not hold the ceremony at the lakeside. You can seamlessly blend the surroundings into your ceremony, from the calming water to the greenery of the gardens, trees, and mountains in the background. Flowers and succulents can be used to enhance the beauty of the natural vegetation. Wooden signs and lanterns on walkways will add to the lake wedding theme. Make good use of the lake by arriving or sailing away in a boat or a canoe. Fill one of the canoes with ice and juice boxes, water bottles or beer bottles for use at the reception. For more ideas on how you can put together your lakeside wedding, have a look at the photos below.

Wedding Planning Tips

Weddings are joyous occasions but it is also one of the most stressful moment for the couple.  Many people have swapped stories about weddings. Stories about the bloopers, the tear jerker moments, the people and the clothes they are wearing and most of all the wine and the food.  It takes a lot of work to prepare for a wedding especially with all the details that needs to be considered.

Thus, planning is essential for a wedding.   To coordinate a bunch of people to work smoothly is essential.  To make available all the materials needed is crucial.   We do not only prepare for the practical and technical part of the wedding.  But we also have to prepare ourselves for the high drama that comes with it.  As the wedding day gets nearer, stress gets higher, emotions also goes haywire.  So preparing ourselves is as important.  We have to ask ourselves on how do we deal with each other when our views are conflicting.  It is easy if we agree on things.

But let’s face it, we see things differently because of our background, family culture and values.  When discussing the menu for the reception becomes a major fight.  When petty issues become major issues.  It is time to stop and reflect.  Where are these things coming from? The process of dealing with conflicts and differences becomes crucial too.  We need to use the conflict as a stepping stone to know and understand each other better and not to drive a wedge.  We need to know the things that makes the other happy, sad, irritate and angry.  We need to know when to take a break and affirm again the decision to marry each other and not another person.  This progression makes us more prepared for what is to come after the wedding – the Marriage.  It is but natural that differences occur but it is how we deal with the disagreements that makes the difference.  So amidst the many challenges that will come during the preparation for the wedding, it is important that the couple will stand united.

For a holistic perspective in preparing for a wedding, here are some questions that one can use as guides or tips:

Why you are marrying your partner?

It is good to be reminded that the wedding is about you and your partner especially in moments when things are not going the way you want.

What are attitudes that you each one of you should have while preparing and for the actual wedding?

Having the right disposition as you prepare for the wedding that both of you wanted is essential. This is the choice of being able to support one another and being happy about it. Things will not be smooth sailing as you do your arrangements but still you are doing things together.

What kind of wedding that you both envision? What are your expectations?

The need to clarify expectations with each other especially on the kind of wedding that you have dreamt about is essential. It would lessen frustrations, disappointments and most of all it will give you focus on the things that you have given priority. Imagine the fated day in your mind and describe it to each other. The positive feelings that rose from your imaginations will bring a lot of good will to your dream wedding.

What are the list of things that should be done? What are each other’s assignments/tasks?

The practical part of the wedding comes in here and we will be helped by the magic of the internet. As we surf through the net, we can find different sites who promotes the Do It Yourself (DIY) lifestyle. We can find checklists for the wedding, possible places to visit that gives discounts. We can watch and learn from people’s experience who has gone ahead of you. Then we arm ourselves with lots of information but we discern and choose ideas that simply addresses your need, preferences and realities.

What are the available resources (money, people, equipment, etc.)?

Check your list with the things that both of you have and do not have. Identify one or two non-negotiables that both of you want for the wedding. Check your budget if the things that you want you can afford or you can borrow or you need to buy. It is good that you can rely on people but in preparing for the wedding it is best to rely on each other more.

What is the timeframe or schedule for doing the tasks and updates?

Set the schedule when you can do the work together or when you do things individually. It is good to include in your schedule the time for updates. Also remember to give time for dates when things are getting toxic. Take time to recharge and then go back to the preparation.

May all weddings be a celebration of union of two people amidst the people who loves, supports, encourages and disciplines them that they may live together all the days of their lives. As the guests go home, may they remember your wedding for the right reason – they are a good couple who loves and inspires love.

Anna Campbell Wedding Dresses, Forever Entwined Collection

Forever Entwined Collection

Anna Campbell’s newest collection Forever Entwined features delicate laces, breathtaking embellishments, and fitted silhouettes never before seen in an Anna Campbell off-the-rack collection. Forever Entwined offers slimming, feminine shapes and full lace trains for the most glamorous of brides.

ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (15) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (1) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (2) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (3) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (4) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (5) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (6) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (7) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (8) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (9) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (10) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (11) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (12) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (13) ForeverEntwined Collection, Voltaire Wedding Website (14)

Photography | Lost In Love
Hair | 391 Milk and Honey
Makeup | Melonie Santos
Flowers | Flowers In A Vase

For details, visit Anna Campbell.

Bridal Party Duties

Do You or Don’t You? Duties Of The Wedding Crew

Bride and Groom, your roles are clear — get yourselves happily hitched, giving everyone a great day out while you do.

So what about the rest of the wedding party bunch?

The order of play is a lot more blurred these days, when brides may balk at being ‘given away’, couples often fund part of the wedding, and parents of the groom want a greater part of the action.

But whether it’s full-on tradition, or alternative modern-mode, there’s a part for everyone to play.

Far from an exhaustive list, we bring you the bare essentials for the wedding party pile.

Her Folks

• Parents of the bride, you are pivotal — no pressure, but it’s up to you to hold it all together
• To kick off, host a small (or large) engagement gathering to celebrate the announcement
• Once you have that behind you, work the guest list into shape along with the blissful couple
• Dad – walk her up the aisle if she wants you to, open with a short toast at the reception, dance with your daughter, and be there till the bitter end, whatever time it might wrap
• Mother of the bride — you are Chief Diplomat in Residence. As liaison point for wedding suppliers, you’ll be busy honing your organisational skills
• Unfortunately, limiting the number of guests could fall under your remit where required
• One of your key tasks is to choose the dress you want and make sure the groom’s mother wears something nowhere near as glamorous

His Folks

• For good or for bad, you are the Back Up Brigade
• Provide a list of your guests to the couple, and hopefully stick within your quota
• Although not a must, you might host post-engagement or pre-reception drinks, and get the two families together
• The rehearsal dinner on the evening before the wedding may be in your court, and you might choose to contribute to some wedding expenses

helping to wear  bride the shoes

Maid of Honour/Chief bridesmaid

• You’re the Champion Cheerlead cum Bottlewasher Extraordinaire — you’ll also need to bring your jollying skills to the fore
• Juggling the bridesmaids’ activities is your job, from dress fittings to movements on the day
• Orchestrate the hen night out in a way that keeps your bride healthy and sane
• Muck in to assist with all the logistics in the lead up to the wedding
• On the big day, you are Super Sidekick Girl, helping the bride get ready, keeping her calm before the ceremony and cool before the reception
• You’ll hold her bouquet during the vows, and sign the marriage license as witness of the bride
• Now you’re on the home run, backing up the bride and her mother as Hostess Supreme, and hitting the dance floor with the best man once the bride and groom have had their chance


• Girls, you are the Wondrous Wing Backs, assisting the maid of honour with her wedding-planning duties and her hen night escapades, and supporting the bride as and when you’re needed
• You’ll walk the walk in the processional, look after any flower girls and ring-bearing boys, and play professional minglers through the rest of the day

Cheers! girls celebrate a bachelorette party of bride.

Best Man

• Think of yourself as the Canny Centre Forward, driving the groom towards his destiny
• The stag night is yours to arrange (keep it clean!)
• Get the groomsmen fitted out like kings, and make sure to pick up the groom’s outfit for the day
• Get him to the church on time!
• You’ll guard the rings (or help the young ring-bearer), sign as witness to the groom, and keep the fee to pay the officiant
• Coordinate toasts at the reception before your big moment arrives — when it’s time for your speech, take a deep breath, you’ll play a blinder
• Just one more formal requirement before you relax — your dance with the maid of honour
• Don’t forget — it’s your job to get any rented formalwear back from whence it came


• You are the Meeters and Greeters of the Court
• Without too much to do beforehand (though offering to take on any tasks from the best man and groom will score you points), your duties kick in on the day
• Seating guests and ushering the crowd during the ceremony and between reception points is your responsibility
• Remember, at traditional Christian ceremonies guests of the bride’s family sit on the left, and guests of the groom’s family on the right.

Sareh Nouri Spring 2016 Bridal Collection


The Sareh Nouri collection of gowns and sashes can be found in bridal boutiques around the globe. They have been featured on top TV shows, such as TLC’s “Brides of Beverly Hills” the ‘Cake Smash’ episode of “Cake Boss” which aired in June of 2013 and have been seen on E! News with Giuliana Rancic.

Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-9 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-8 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-43 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-39 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-40 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-38 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-29 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-14 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-6 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-36 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-30 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-31 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-32 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-44 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-23-324x435Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-22-324x435 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-21 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-18 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-19 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-16 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-17 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-13 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-12 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-2 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-28 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-25 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-5 Sareh-Nouri-Lace-Wedding-Dress-11

The Wedding Club London
10 Yeomans Row
London, SW3 2AH
+44 20 75819540

Sareh Nouri website


Bridal Gowns and Veils: SAREH NOURI // Select Laces: HOUSE OF sophie hallette // Photographer: laura gordon // Headpieces: JENNIFER BEHR ,  MARIA ELENAERICA ELIZABETH DESIGNS // Floral: Holly Carlisle for Rosegolden Flowers // Makeup: Nicck Townsend // Hair: Alison Sileo & Mark Sileo


Groom Style

The general trend in groomswear has been a combination of informal and individual style. For a classic, timeless and elegant look, a 3-piece suit mixed with a jazzy neck or bow tie and a pocket square will serve the purpose.

Looking for something smart with a casual twist? Opt for a 2-piece suit. For sophistication, wear a black tie, tuxedo or sharp suit. For something extremely casual, consider gingham shirts, colourful ties and suspenders. A floral or succulent boutonniere will make your look fresh and show who the man of the moment is. Check out the available groomswear styles below and find out which one suits you.

Source: Pinterest

Getting Married Abroad

Thinking of getting married abroad? A few pointers for your planning.

Do you dream of taking vows under sweltering foreign skies? Or a snow-covered canopy with a wintry Alpine view? If the answer is yes, you’d be treading a well worn path, where plenty of Irish couples have gone before.

Some of the most popular spots include Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Malta and the Caribbean, but there’s a long list of even further-flung destinations that cater for couples tying the knot.

With no shortage of Irish travel companies to help you plan an overseas wedding, it’s not a mammoth task. Most work with local wedding planners on the ground. You can also find Irish wedding planners that specialise in overseas events.

Both can help you with the logistics, like choosing a venue to suit your budget and style, creating the menus, and finding suppliers for photography, flowers and music.


But just as importantly, they’ll guide you through any legal hoops you need to jump in order to come home Mr. and Mrs.

Every country has different rules and requirements, some quirky and some common. In most you’ll need a Certificate of Freedom to Marry (which you get from the Department of Foreign Affairs). For nearly all religious ceremonies you’ll have to start the process locally. So if you plan to marry in a Catholic church in Barbados, you begin by contacting your local parish priest to obtain a pre-nuptial enquiry and his dispensation for you to marry abroad.

You get the gist — wherever you go you’ll need the low down on the process, whether it’s civil (normally in a registry office or the local town hall), or religious (lots of hotels in fashionable wedding destinations like Cyprus have their own chapels in the grounds).

Some Irish travel companies have posted really useful information on how the process works in popular places on their websites, so do some research online before you pick up the phone.

If you’re brave and bold enough to go it alone, you can of course plan it yourself. But if you choose this route make sure to find a venue that will lend a hand in the organisational department, and count on being able to travel there at least once in advance of the big day. For the legalities, you can contact the relevant embassy or the religious authorities in that country to root out the essentials.Romantic Wedding Table on Sandy Tropical Caribbean Beach at Sunset

Tips for travelling nuptials

• Weddingmoons are on the up! Combining your wedding with your honeymoon can save on costs. It also means you’re in situ to kick back and relax once the weeding deed is done
• Most couples plan at least a year in advance (you’ll need an absolute minimum of five months), and many travel companies will take bookings up to two years ahead of time
• If you organise everything through a travel company, check out whether they charge a set fee for the planning element, with the travel done separately, or whether you’re buying an all-in package. Discussing this upfront helps to make sure there are no hidden costs
• You’ll often get a group discount if family and friends make travel arrangements together
• Most marriages between Irish citizens that take place abroad don’t need to be registered at home, but the Department of Foreign Affairs does have some guidelines.
• Brides – a word of advice. Your dress usually goes in the overhead bin, which is an average measurement of 46 x 35 x 23 cm, so bear this in mind when designing that all-important gown!

Watch this space for upcoming posts on the best destinations for getting married abroad.

Save The Date Ideas

Gone are the days when the only way to remind your guests-to-be to save the date of your wedding was by using simple cards. You can now notify them of your special day in many unique ways. Want to send a card? No problem. Add some creativity by tying a knot to a vintage-inspired card to symbolise your impending tying the knot.

Attach a balloon and ask your guests to inflate it to reveal your wedding details. Take a photo in a romantic or funny pose and print it on a card, custom calendar or photo magnet to create an awesome and memorable Save the Date. For more inspiration to get your guests RSVPing promptly, see the pictures below.

Source: Pinterest

Short Wedding Dresses

Do you think adorable wedding gowns have to be long and flowing? Think again! Short wedding dresses are modern, playful and bring some chic to your overall look. They also allow you to flaunt your assets and move easily.

They are ideal for vintage, city hall and more casual weddings. From tea length to minis, lace to tulle and ruffles to bows, there are more than enough options to fit your personal style. Let our pictures help you find that perfect short wedding dress.


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