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Hello Yellow!!!

A yellow wedding theme reminds me of Spring. It’s fresh, bright and full of life. There are many different shades to choose from and they all work well with grey, green, purple and white. However, If you like the idea of a yellow winter wedding choose golden yellows rather than light or bright yellows. I have to say, I love a grey tuxedo with a crisp withe shirt and yellow details the colours compliment each other really well and it’s a welcome alternative to the black tuxedo

yellow bridesmaids

yellow accesories yellow tables yellow cakes yellow wedding yellow flowers


Photo Credits:

The Knot
Green Wedding Shoes

Peach Wedding Theme

For those who haven’t yet chosen their wedding theme, we highly recommend a peach theme. It’s romantic and delicate and is a very popular wedding colour, especially coming into the Summer months. In our opinion, peach roses, white anemonies and hydrangeas are flowers that work perfectly within this theme. Here are few examples of flowers, bridesmaids dresses, cakes and reception decor to get you thinking and give you some inspiration – but you can find many further peach-themed inspired ideas on the internet.

bridesmaids wedding-reception flowers-for-weddings cakes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE!

I’m a big fan of all things blue, I absolutely love the mix of turquoise bridesmaid dresses, especially if you’re planning a summer wedding. The colour compliments tanned glowing skin so beautifully. I’d suggest a royal blue or ice blue if you’re planning a winter wedding. As a child I always believed blue was for boys, so your groom is sure to agree with the choice of colour.

blue accessories blue cakes blue tables blue braidsmaids2 blue flowers


Photo Credits

The Knot
Budget Bride
Bride In Bloom

Pink to make the boys wink!

Today’s inspiration is a pink theme for your wedding colour palette. Pink is generally associated with delicacy, femininity and romance and if you’ve chosen this colour for your big day, we must say- it’s a great (and very popular) choice! If you are still deciding, hopefully this post will send some inspiration your way! We’ve put together few samples to give you an idea of what works well based on season and colour combination.

A perfect palette for this colour would be a match of sweet pink, white and glittery gold. This combination is great for a Winter wedding. Depending on the season however, some colours to mix and match with your pink staple would be:

Spring: turquoise, yellow, purple
Autumn: orange, brown, rustic, burgundy, dark green
Summer: palest pastels of pinks, blues and yellows

pink accessories pink flowers pink table pink cakes


In some cases the boys may be wincing rather than winking, as pink is a very girly colour and some grooms may not be a fan. If your heart is set on pink why not choose these images of soft pink and peachy hues, they are so romantic for any wedding theme. Perhaps pair them with brown or black for a more masculine feel.

Photo Credits:

The Knot
Fat Girl Cakes
Steel Penny Cakes

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