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Top Wedding Transport Tips

You must have dreamt about how you’ll get your wedding. Getting there in style and on time takes a little more than just dreaming; it requires careful planning. Here are some essential tips for planning your wedding transport.

  1. Book Early

Car rental companies experience high demand for their services when many events like weddings, proms and graduations are all competing for transportation. If you leave booking to the last minute, you’ll have fewer options to choose from and higher prices to pay. Once you’ve settled on a date and venue for your wedding, start thinking about transportation. Book a car company at least six months to your big day.

  1. Know Your Budget

Budget affects all decisions about your wedding, including transportation. You should know your budget and the amount you’re willing to allocate to transport. When booking a car company, pay close attention to the mileage costs, hourly costs and the distance to be covered on your wedding day. Prices vary from one company to another. You’ll need to do some research to find one that suits your budget. If there’s a particular company that you like, try and ask them for a package that fits your budget. Most companies will be happy to work out an offer that’s favourable to you.transportation

  1. Make the Reservation in Person

Before you book any car service, do enough research. Search the internet for car rental companies in your area, check out pictures of their cars and compare prices. You can phone a few of them.

Before you make the final booking, go and meet the company representatives. Inspect the vehicles first hand to avoid getting any nasty surprises. Only pay the deposit after you’ve ensured the cars you had in mind meet your expectations.

  1. Think About Out-of-Towners

If a lot of out-of-towner friends and relatives will be attending your wedding, consider providing transport from their hotel to your wedding venue and back. You’ll save them from the stress of having to navigate an unfamiliar area or looking for designated drivers. You can hire a charter bus, which generally carries up to 60 guests.

  1. Get a Contract

After you’ve chosen a transportation company, don’t hire before putting down all the important details in writing. Include details such as model, size and colour of the car, pick-up time, arrival time (add an extra 20 minutes to cater for any traffic or last-minute interruptions), driver’s name, addresses of your destinations, gratuity and any other requests that you may have made. Before signing the contract, make sure you’re well aware of the total cost, overtime rates, deposit required and the company’s refund policy. You’ll be more relaxed knowing that you have a contract to ensure everything goes as planned.

Transportation should not be the last thing you think about when planning your wedding. Start planning well in advance by taking all your transport needs into consideration, doing thorough research of companies, making the reservation in person and including all the necessary details in a contract


Wedding Planning Tips

Weddings are joyous occasions but it is also one of the most stressful moment for the couple.  Many people have swapped stories about weddings. Stories about the bloopers, the tear jerker moments, the people and the clothes they are wearing and most of all the wine and the food.  It takes a lot of work to prepare for a wedding especially with all the details that needs to be considered.

Thus, planning is essential for a wedding.   To coordinate a bunch of people to work smoothly is essential.  To make available all the materials needed is crucial.   We do not only prepare for the practical and technical part of the wedding.  But we also have to prepare ourselves for the high drama that comes with it.  As the wedding day gets nearer, stress gets higher, emotions also goes haywire.  So preparing ourselves is as important.  We have to ask ourselves on how do we deal with each other when our views are conflicting.  It is easy if we agree on things.

But let’s face it, we see things differently because of our background, family culture and values.  When discussing the menu for the reception becomes a major fight.  When petty issues become major issues.  It is time to stop and reflect.  Where are these things coming from? The process of dealing with conflicts and differences becomes crucial too.  We need to use the conflict as a stepping stone to know and understand each other better and not to drive a wedge.  We need to know the things that makes the other happy, sad, irritate and angry.  We need to know when to take a break and affirm again the decision to marry each other and not another person.  This progression makes us more prepared for what is to come after the wedding – the Marriage.  It is but natural that differences occur but it is how we deal with the disagreements that makes the difference.  So amidst the many challenges that will come during the preparation for the wedding, it is important that the couple will stand united.

For a holistic perspective in preparing for a wedding, here are some questions that one can use as guides or tips:

Why you are marrying your partner?

It is good to be reminded that the wedding is about you and your partner especially in moments when things are not going the way you want.

What are attitudes that you each one of you should have while preparing and for the actual wedding?

Having the right disposition as you prepare for the wedding that both of you wanted is essential. This is the choice of being able to support one another and being happy about it. Things will not be smooth sailing as you do your arrangements but still you are doing things together.

What kind of wedding that you both envision? What are your expectations?

The need to clarify expectations with each other especially on the kind of wedding that you have dreamt about is essential. It would lessen frustrations, disappointments and most of all it will give you focus on the things that you have given priority. Imagine the fated day in your mind and describe it to each other. The positive feelings that rose from your imaginations will bring a lot of good will to your dream wedding.

What are the list of things that should be done? What are each other’s assignments/tasks?

The practical part of the wedding comes in here and we will be helped by the magic of the internet. As we surf through the net, we can find different sites who promotes the Do It Yourself (DIY) lifestyle. We can find checklists for the wedding, possible places to visit that gives discounts. We can watch and learn from people’s experience who has gone ahead of you. Then we arm ourselves with lots of information but we discern and choose ideas that simply addresses your need, preferences and realities.

What are the available resources (money, people, equipment, etc.)?

Check your list with the things that both of you have and do not have. Identify one or two non-negotiables that both of you want for the wedding. Check your budget if the things that you want you can afford or you can borrow or you need to buy. It is good that you can rely on people but in preparing for the wedding it is best to rely on each other more.

What is the timeframe or schedule for doing the tasks and updates?

Set the schedule when you can do the work together or when you do things individually. It is good to include in your schedule the time for updates. Also remember to give time for dates when things are getting toxic. Take time to recharge and then go back to the preparation.

May all weddings be a celebration of union of two people amidst the people who loves, supports, encourages and disciplines them that they may live together all the days of their lives. As the guests go home, may they remember your wedding for the right reason – they are a good couple who loves and inspires love.

Bridal Party Duties

Do You or Don’t You? Duties Of The Wedding Crew

Bride and Groom, your roles are clear — get yourselves happily hitched, giving everyone a great day out while you do.

So what about the rest of the wedding party bunch?

The order of play is a lot more blurred these days, when brides may balk at being ‘given away’, couples often fund part of the wedding, and parents of the groom want a greater part of the action.

But whether it’s full-on tradition, or alternative modern-mode, there’s a part for everyone to play.

Far from an exhaustive list, we bring you the bare essentials for the wedding party pile.

Her Folks

• Parents of the bride, you are pivotal — no pressure, but it’s up to you to hold it all together
• To kick off, host a small (or large) engagement gathering to celebrate the announcement
• Once you have that behind you, work the guest list into shape along with the blissful couple
• Dad – walk her up the aisle if she wants you to, open with a short toast at the reception, dance with your daughter, and be there till the bitter end, whatever time it might wrap
• Mother of the bride — you are Chief Diplomat in Residence. As liaison point for wedding suppliers, you’ll be busy honing your organisational skills
• Unfortunately, limiting the number of guests could fall under your remit where required
• One of your key tasks is to choose the dress you want and make sure the groom’s mother wears something nowhere near as glamorous

His Folks

• For good or for bad, you are the Back Up Brigade
• Provide a list of your guests to the couple, and hopefully stick within your quota
• Although not a must, you might host post-engagement or pre-reception drinks, and get the two families together
• The rehearsal dinner on the evening before the wedding may be in your court, and you might choose to contribute to some wedding expenses

helping to wear  bride the shoes

Maid of Honour/Chief bridesmaid

• You’re the Champion Cheerlead cum Bottlewasher Extraordinaire — you’ll also need to bring your jollying skills to the fore
• Juggling the bridesmaids’ activities is your job, from dress fittings to movements on the day
• Orchestrate the hen night out in a way that keeps your bride healthy and sane
• Muck in to assist with all the logistics in the lead up to the wedding
• On the big day, you are Super Sidekick Girl, helping the bride get ready, keeping her calm before the ceremony and cool before the reception
• You’ll hold her bouquet during the vows, and sign the marriage license as witness of the bride
• Now you’re on the home run, backing up the bride and her mother as Hostess Supreme, and hitting the dance floor with the best man once the bride and groom have had their chance


• Girls, you are the Wondrous Wing Backs, assisting the maid of honour with her wedding-planning duties and her hen night escapades, and supporting the bride as and when you’re needed
• You’ll walk the walk in the processional, look after any flower girls and ring-bearing boys, and play professional minglers through the rest of the day

Cheers! girls celebrate a bachelorette party of bride.

Best Man

• Think of yourself as the Canny Centre Forward, driving the groom towards his destiny
• The stag night is yours to arrange (keep it clean!)
• Get the groomsmen fitted out like kings, and make sure to pick up the groom’s outfit for the day
• Get him to the church on time!
• You’ll guard the rings (or help the young ring-bearer), sign as witness to the groom, and keep the fee to pay the officiant
• Coordinate toasts at the reception before your big moment arrives — when it’s time for your speech, take a deep breath, you’ll play a blinder
• Just one more formal requirement before you relax — your dance with the maid of honour
• Don’t forget — it’s your job to get any rented formalwear back from whence it came


• You are the Meeters and Greeters of the Court
• Without too much to do beforehand (though offering to take on any tasks from the best man and groom will score you points), your duties kick in on the day
• Seating guests and ushering the crowd during the ceremony and between reception points is your responsibility
• Remember, at traditional Christian ceremonies guests of the bride’s family sit on the left, and guests of the groom’s family on the right.

8 Essential Destination Wedding Planning Tips

So you have decided to say “I do” away from home. You are constantly thinking of packing your bags and running away to your chosen getaway and having a wedding to remember. Enough of a daydreaming, it’s time to get back to reality.
For you to have a flawless destination wedding, you’ll have to do a lot of work behind the scenes. Let’s make things easier for you by giving you the top 7 essential tips.

1. Hire A Wedding Planner

Planning a destination wedding takes a lot of time and money. For this reason, it is wise to hire a local wedding planner. A local planner will help you research and source local suppliers at favourable prices, handle logistics and overcome language and cultural barriers. If you prefer going with a planner from your country, make sure she has experience in planning destination weddings.

2. Know The Legalities

Marriage regulations vary from country to country. Many countries have a residency requirement. That can be as little as 24 hours to as many as 40 days. This condition implies that you’ll have to reside in your destination for a certain period before your wedding.
There are some documents that may be required for you to marry in the particular country you have chosen. Some cultures may require a specific dress code. For example, in some countries, women have to wear clothes that cover their arms and shoulders.
Make sure you know all the local marriage requirements.Woman planning for wedding

3. Time It Right

When it comes to timing, the primary concern should be the destination’s weather. The last thing you should do is assume that your chosen destination usually has pleasant weather all year round. For instance, if you decide to have your wedding in the Caribbean after July, you’ll encounter interruptions by the hurricane season. A monsoon season, heat wave and snowfall won’t do your special day any good either.
Unfortunately, the most ideal weather in most popular destinations coincides with the tourist season. This means high rates, more crowds and fewer venues. Therefore, you’ll have to book hotels and venues as far in advance as possible.

4. Send Out Early Save the Dates

Your guests will need time to reorganise themselves, take their annual leave, save money and book hotels. If you get caught up in the flurry of activities and leave sending of invites till late, you may get frustrated on your wedding day due to low attendance. Remember to send out Save the Dates as early as possible, preferably 10-12 months ahead of the big day.

5. Plan Extra Activities

Your guests will have covered significant distance. It wouldn’t be fair for them just to arrive, attend your event and leave. Set up some welcome events a day or two before your wedding. Take your guests hiking, sailing, horseback riding or any other exciting activity. Give them lots of information on the destination such as accommodation, maps, weather and local eats. That way, they won’t bother you with too many website, voltaire weddings,  tips, wedding inspiration (9)

6. Carry Extra Money

Carry more money than you think you’ll need even if you have already paid for everything. You may need to cover other expenses like welcome bags, tours, treating yourself and your bridal party to some pampering at some local spa and buying souvenirs just to name a few.

7. Pack Early

It goes without saying that a destination wedding will involve packing. You won’t run back home if you realise you forgot something just hours before your wedding. Start packing early to ensure you’ll have all your wedding essentials with you on the big day.
It is also worth considering shipping luggage ahead to your hotel. When you check in with numerous bags, you’ll waste time in long lines and might also have to worry about lost luggage. Claiming for lost luggage can take too much of your time. You can save yourself from all this stress by shipping your entire luggage to your hotel.

Midsection of young smiling woman packing suitcase on bed

8. Take Care Of The Dress

Last but not least, take special care of your dress. Don’t bundle it with the rest of the luggage. You can’t afford to have it wrinkled or damaged. Take your dress on board with you in a garment bag and ask the flight attendant to hang it for you. Alternatively, you could buy a plane ticket for your gown. Many brides have done that in the past, so don’t feel crazy if you also decide to go down that route.
After arriving at your destination, have the dress steamed by some reputable cleaners. You can also opt to buy a travel-sized steamer and carry it with you. Steam relaxes creases.
You’re getting married abroad. Isn’t that reason enough to be happy and excited? Make sure you enjoy yourself!

Do This before Hiring a Wedding Planner

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, if not the most important. It is perfectly normal for you to want every single aspect to run smoothly. One way you can ensure this is by hiring a wedding planner. These professionals can help with every little detail. However, you can end up being ripped off and with more stress if you hire in a rush.

Here’s what you should do before hiring a wedding planner.

  1. Assess your budget

A planner is an extra addition to your wedding budget. As a result, you should assess your budget to see if it allows for this added cost. Generally, wedding planners charge an hourly rate, a percentage of the overall budget or a flat fee for their services.

Your budget will assist you in choosing the most favourable planner to hire. For example, you may have budget constraints but still want to hire a planner without compromising on quality. In such a case, you can go for a planner who charges an hourly rate or a day-of wedding coordinator as opposed to one who offers cheap services. Cheap often comes with less experience and poor qualitySaving money for wedding

  1. Do your research

Reach out to family members and friends for referrals. Spend some time online checking out the websites of prospective planners. Check out their online presence and credentials. Find out whether they are accredited.

Have a look at photos of recent weddings they have planned. Do they impress you? Is there a particular style that all the weddings share? If yes, this is probably the style the planner has the most experience in. If you don’t like it, move on to the next planner.

These tips will help you narrow your wedding planner choices.

Happy smiling couple surfing the net and enjoy the summer at tropical beach

  1. Call your favourites

After narrowing down your list to three or four planners, give each one a call. Ask about the type of services they offer, their price range and their availability. Book an appointment with those that suit your needs and budget.

  1. Know their personality

A wedding planner may have it all: affordable services, outstanding credentials and plenty of contacts. But what if they are a bit cold or very argumentative? Your wedding planner will be very important to you throughout your engagement. He or she should make you feel relaxed and develop a sense of trust. If you can’t stand his or he behaviour, look for someone else you can easily get along with.

  1. Share your vision

As you interview different wedding planners, pay close attention to how they feel about your vision. Are they excited by your ideas? Are they trying to change your vision?

It’s your day! A good planner should understand your vision, be open to your ideas, offer suggestions to expand on them and know how to bring your vision to reality.voltaire weddings, wedding website, bride, groom

  1. Read the fine print

You’ve done your homework and found someone you’d like to work with. Do you go ahead and hire them immediately? No! Once you select a wedding planner, read the contract carefully before signing it. The last thing you’d want is to discover additional items that were billed by the planner and made you go over your budget. When examining the contract, ask for revisions and clarity where you don’t understand. Seal the deal only after ensuring the service terms are acceptable.

You’ll be entrusting your wedding planner with the most special day of your life. Do not hire on a whim. Take the above important steps to ensure the person you hire understands you, suits your preferences and won’t give you any nasty last-minute surprises on their invoice.

Please find some wedding planner links below.
Do you know of any great wedding planning services?
Let us know and we will add them below.

5 Top Tips for Choosing Your First Dance Song

For some couples, choosing the first dance song is a walk in the park because they have “their song”. For others, it is more challenging for one or more reasons. Maybe one partner loves the blues, and the other is a metal head. Some may also be overwhelmed by the numerous great options to choose from.
If you are looking for your perfect first dance song or a good list of potential songs to choose from, we have five helpful pointers for you.

1. Special Moments

In your relationship, you’ve had some memorable moments. Think back to the special events you’ve attended such as a festival, great concert or even a holiday. You can choose a song that reminds you of such events. Remember the first kiss, the first movie you went to watch together or that moment he proposed? If there was a song playing, it would have a special meaning for the two of you and would make a great first dance song.

2. Something You Both Love

If there are certain songs that you both love, coming up with one song for your dance should not be hard. If you have totally different tastes in music, you’ll have to compromise so as to get that ideal song. Each of you can review suggestions for first dance songs on the internet and make a list of the top choices. Settle on the song that appears on both lists.

voltaire wedding, couple, wedding couple, wedding website

3. Something You Can Dance To

The song you choose should be something that you and your spouse-to-be feel comfortable dancing to. Put on the tune and try to dance to it. Do you find the beat too fast or too slow for you to move to? If it doesn’t feel right, look for something else. Remember everyone will be watching you as you set the mood for the entire evening. Therefore, in addition to having personal significance, the song should be danceable.

4. Consider Your Theme

It is a very good idea to choose a song that fits your wedding theme. If you decide to have a vintage theme, a modern love song may not be appropriate. A timeless classic song like “At Last” by Etta James would be a better choice. A tune from the jazz music genre would fit the “Old Hollywood Glamour” theme perfectly.

wedding: bride and groom on the seashore. Honeymoon. The bride and groom hugging on the shore of Lake. groom and bride hugging on a green lake. Groom and Bride in a park. wedding dress. Bridal wedding bouquet of flowers

5. Listen To the Lyrics

The song may have many qualities of a good first dance song, but have you listened to the wording? A love song may have a romantic title but have lyrics about something totally different. For instance, “I Will Always Love You” may sound like the perfect song to declare your lifelong commitment to each other. However, the song is actually about a breakup. “Crash Into Me” has a sexy title but is about a stalker. Do not just consider the title or the chorus, listen to the entire song.
Your song is just as important as the dance itself. Once you find that perfect first dance song, start working on your moves. Ideally, you should begin practising at least 3 months to your wedding. This will give you enough time to plan and perfect your dance.

Getting in shape for your wedding day

Gleaming locks, radiant complexion and a healthy feel-good glow — while we don’t all need a Barbie doll waist there are a few basics on every gal’s list for her wedding day.

If you want to look your best you’ve got to feel your best too. In anticipation of the big event, what do you need to do to achieve that ‘fresh from the inside out’ feeling?

You’ve guessed it. We’re back to the four old favourites — diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation. Start now and within weeks you’ll begin to see results. Intensify coming up to the day, and your sterling efforts will have been worth every puff, pant and pastry denial.

You are what you eat

Water is amongst your best pre-wedding buddies, with hydration being the magic ingredient in a clear complexion. But do you rise in the morning craving endless glasses of water to drain during the hours ahead? Eh… no. So find ways to make it more appealing, even if you have to drink from a cocktail glass with fruit and an umbrella stuck in the top. Make sure there’s always a jug of water with mint and squeezed lemons in the fridge, or pour a super-small dash of juice and add a large amount of cool sparkling water.

Mojito drink with splash

A few key things that will keep you in the healthy-eating camp:

• Throw away the bread basket and buy fibre crackers instead. If this is just too boring, choose an alternative like wholemeal pitta over the hyper-carb glossy, white, bagel option
• Eat a low GI (glycemic index) diet, rich in whole grains with plenty of fruit and vegetables link-
• Choose fresh fish over heavy red meat
• Eat food rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), such as avocados, olive oil, kidney beans and flax seed
• Detox regularly — a green smoothie packed with the right vitamins and minerals at lunch is a surefire way to keep your system healthy (with a juice bar on every second corner these days it’s no tall order to fulfil)
• Zinc is king when it comes to a good complexion. Find it in pumpkin or sesame seeds (delicious on a salad), chickpeas (you can find these in humous) and lentils (so good in soup)
• Portion control is where it’s at — eat smaller amounts, at regular intervals
• When your sweet tooth refuses to budge, graze on organic dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa — just be thrifty with your intake

There’s magic in motion

Exercise reduces stress levels and keeps both our minds and bodies in gear.

So whether it’s a 30 minute brisk walk, a gentle yoga workout, a crazy game of squash or a languid game of golf, find an activity that you enjoy, and make it a regular part of your week.

If life is just too hectic to put aside an hour at a time, there are lots of videos available on 20 minute workouts that you can do at home.Attractive girl lifting weights sitting on a ball

Sleep like a baby

Winding down at the end of a manic day is often easier said than done. But a regular sleep pattern is central to optimal health:

• Back away from the iPad! A couple of hours before turning in, put your digital paraphernalia to bed and let your mind relax, unfettered by the perilous pitfalls of social media
• Lock up the fridge and clamp up the cupboards — if you can avoid eating after 8 or 9pm, your digestive system is less likely to interfere with your slumber requirements
• Dim the lights, run a bath, read a book or listen to some gentle music — the switch off routine is on.

10 Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Weddings can be exceedingly expensive. Many couples take loans to pay for their dream wedding. Do you have to do the same? Definitely not! You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your wedding. You still have a whole lot more to plan for after the big day.
Saving money on your wedding can get you closer to owning that dream home, dream car or any other thing you’ll need in the future. Here are our top 10 ways to save money on your wedding.

1. Prioritize

The first way to save money on your wedding is by deciding on your priorities. Talk to your partner and come up with a list of your top five priorities. If music means the world to you, securing your favourite band or DJ could be a priority. If you are all about style, you’d want to get that perfect designer dress or décor more than anything else. Get that down to help you know the most important things to spend money on and the areas you can scrimp on.

2. Do It Yourself

Doing it yourself not only saves you money but also helps you give your wedding a personal touch. Look for one or more areas of your wedding that you can DIY. For example, you can decide to make your own flower arrangements, favours, wedding invitations or even cake. Ask some friends and family to lend a hand in some DIY projects.

3. Schedule Your Wedding Wisely

If you are ready to be flexible with your date, you’ll save a significant sum of money. Most weddings take place in the months of June, July and August. Everything costs more during these times. Additionally, there are many other events like graduations and debutante balls. All of them are competing for transportation, floral services, venues and other wedding-related services. Most venues and vendors offer great deals during off-season dates and midweek days. Schedule your wedding for an off-season time like November, early December or February and on a weekday to enjoy reduced prices.

4. Ceremony and Reception at Same Venue

You can cut down on transport and decoration costs by holding your ceremony and reception at the same venue. You can also save on catering costs by having your ceremony later in the day. That way, you’ll only need to feed your guests once, during the evening reception.

5. Cut Down the Guest List

Reducing your guest list can have a significant impact on your catering bill. Go over your list a few times with your partner and eliminate some names until you get to an easily manageable number of guests. You don’t have to invite distant cousins you’ve never met, friends you haven’t seen in years and co-workers you have no relationship with outside of work. To kill the guilt, you can invite them to a get-together after your big day.

6. Email Invitations

You can save on stationery and postage costs by emailing out invitations. There are many colourful printable designs that you can choose from online. The guests can RSVP via return email. You can also create a special webpage to track and manage RSVPs.

7. Pick One In-Season Flower

Flowers add beauty and elegance to your ceremony. The more types of flowers you pick, the more expensive they’ll cost. Flowers can be five times cheaper during their in-season than their off-season. You can save a substantial amount of money by sticking with a single type of flower that is in-season.

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Borrow

Do you want to save on shoes and accessories? Incorporate borrowed items into your bridal look. Some friends and relatives have shoes, jewellery, veils and headpieces that still look new and stand out. Vintage jewellery and accessories belonging to your parents and grandparents give you an excellent way to save and also ensure your look is totally unique.

9. Look for Discount Wedding Dresses

New wedding dresses usually come with hefty price tags. You can get yourself a bargain at sample sales. You can get a sample designer dress and enjoy savings of 20-70%. The high street is also an excellent place to make great savings. Another way to save on your dress is by shopping online. Websites offer lower prices than actual stores due to lower overhead expenses. You should know your accurate measurements before buying a dress online. You can also rent a gown at a much lower price than what you would have paid for a brand new one.

10. Order a Small Cake or Fake a Large One

There are many wonderful money-saving tips with regards to your wedding cake. Order a small single tiered cake for the cake cutting ceremony. Have a larger regular sheet cake on hand to serve your guests. On the contrary, if you want a large cake but don’t want to go over your budget, you can ask your bakery to include some fake layers in between the real layers of the cake. They create the same visual effect as a large tiered cake while saving you money.
You can have your dream wedding and still stay in budget. The key is to trim small expenses in different areas of your wedding. These little savings do add up to one huge saving.

Top 5 First Dance Tips

The first dance is an important part of your wedding. It is a sweet gesture of the love that you and your partner have for each other. The thought of dancing in front of hundreds of guests can send chills down anyone’s spine. We’ve decided to make things easier for you by sharing the top tips that will make your first dance something your guests will remember.

1. Practice

Remember the saying practice makes perfect? You should allude to it when preparing for your first dance. Start slow dancing with your partner each week. A useful thing you can do is taking dancing lessons. They will help you know your steps, choose the right song and boost your confidence. If you don’t want to look awkward in front of people in dance class, you can buy a dance instructional DVD and learn at home.

Popping the Question to Your Bridesmaids

He popped the question and you accepted. Now it’s your turn to pop the question to friends and family that you want to be part of your bridal party. While it is okay to simply ask them in person or through a simple phone call, it is worth remembering that your bridesmaids will spend tons of their precious time helping you during the planning process and on your big day. You can show them how special they are from the start by popping the question in a unique, thoughtful way. We’ve rounded some ideas that are not only creative but also guarantee memories that will be cherished forever.

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