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Table planners

No matter what the wedding theme is, may it be a mix of creativity from each of the couple, or probably a simple, classic theme, it will be good if the table planner follows them theme, and it is the easiest option.

As everyone in the guest list will definitely look at the table planner, making it look like a wedding reception decoration is not at all a bad idea. While it is great that you can just choose the wedding theme as the guide for the table planner decoration, it will be wonderful if a dash of creativity will be applied. Music table plan can work for couples who are music lovers, or travel-inspired table planner for couples who love to travel, there are endless choices for it. To help you decide on what design you like best for your table planner, we have compiled photos where you can get ideas. Check them below.

Wedding Planning Tips

Weddings are joyous occasions but it is also one of the most stressful moment for the couple.  Many people have swapped stories about weddings. Stories about the bloopers, the tear jerker moments, the people and the clothes they are wearing and most of all the wine and the food.  It takes a lot of work to prepare for a wedding especially with all the details that needs to be considered.

Thus, planning is essential for a wedding.   To coordinate a bunch of people to work smoothly is essential.  To make available all the materials needed is crucial.   We do not only prepare for the practical and technical part of the wedding.  But we also have to prepare ourselves for the high drama that comes with it.  As the wedding day gets nearer, stress gets higher, emotions also goes haywire.  So preparing ourselves is as important.  We have to ask ourselves on how do we deal with each other when our views are conflicting.  It is easy if we agree on things.

But let’s face it, we see things differently because of our background, family culture and values.  When discussing the menu for the reception becomes a major fight.  When petty issues become major issues.  It is time to stop and reflect.  Where are these things coming from? The process of dealing with conflicts and differences becomes crucial too.  We need to use the conflict as a stepping stone to know and understand each other better and not to drive a wedge.  We need to know the things that makes the other happy, sad, irritate and angry.  We need to know when to take a break and affirm again the decision to marry each other and not another person.  This progression makes us more prepared for what is to come after the wedding – the Marriage.  It is but natural that differences occur but it is how we deal with the disagreements that makes the difference.  So amidst the many challenges that will come during the preparation for the wedding, it is important that the couple will stand united.

For a holistic perspective in preparing for a wedding, here are some questions that one can use as guides or tips:

Why you are marrying your partner?

It is good to be reminded that the wedding is about you and your partner especially in moments when things are not going the way you want.

What are attitudes that you each one of you should have while preparing and for the actual wedding?

Having the right disposition as you prepare for the wedding that both of you wanted is essential. This is the choice of being able to support one another and being happy about it. Things will not be smooth sailing as you do your arrangements but still you are doing things together.

What kind of wedding that you both envision? What are your expectations?

The need to clarify expectations with each other especially on the kind of wedding that you have dreamt about is essential. It would lessen frustrations, disappointments and most of all it will give you focus on the things that you have given priority. Imagine the fated day in your mind and describe it to each other. The positive feelings that rose from your imaginations will bring a lot of good will to your dream wedding.

What are the list of things that should be done? What are each other’s assignments/tasks?

The practical part of the wedding comes in here and we will be helped by the magic of the internet. As we surf through the net, we can find different sites who promotes the Do It Yourself (DIY) lifestyle. We can find checklists for the wedding, possible places to visit that gives discounts. We can watch and learn from people’s experience who has gone ahead of you. Then we arm ourselves with lots of information but we discern and choose ideas that simply addresses your need, preferences and realities.

What are the available resources (money, people, equipment, etc.)?

Check your list with the things that both of you have and do not have. Identify one or two non-negotiables that both of you want for the wedding. Check your budget if the things that you want you can afford or you can borrow or you need to buy. It is good that you can rely on people but in preparing for the wedding it is best to rely on each other more.

What is the timeframe or schedule for doing the tasks and updates?

Set the schedule when you can do the work together or when you do things individually. It is good to include in your schedule the time for updates. Also remember to give time for dates when things are getting toxic. Take time to recharge and then go back to the preparation.

May all weddings be a celebration of union of two people amidst the people who loves, supports, encourages and disciplines them that they may live together all the days of their lives. As the guests go home, may they remember your wedding for the right reason – they are a good couple who loves and inspires love.

Planning a themed wedding


Vintage, Eco, celtic or classic — you want your day to be unique. To stand tall amongst wedding extravaganza, and reflect a little of yourselves in the mix!

So how difficult is it to dream up a themed wedding? And how far should you go in making it a special day?

Wedding theme factors

While you might crave a romantic vineyard reception or a salty beachcomber bash, it may not always be practical for an Irish wedding affair.

Yet a theme can be pretty much anything that allows you to set the pace. The basic factors you’ll need to consider first are budget, season, logistics and venue.

Themes can be based around place, like a village wedding, a pier-side party or the grandeur of an old country house. Or they can be planned to reflect an era — think 1950s Mad Men glamour, or 1920s Gatsby chic.

Maybe you want rustic and rural, offbeat and quirky, or classic celtic charm.

Once you have your theme in the offing, you’re ready to plan your day.White wedding Banquet Table With Milk & Doughnuts

Wedding theme prep

But first to the paperwork! Wedding invitations define the feel from the start. A theme may drive your choice of material; so an Eco wedding invite could be on recycled paper, or maybe you’ll avoid paper completely and post sachets of seeds with a time and place inscribed inside! Your imagery and content too — a Celtic wedding invite might use an image from the Children of Lir, or quote from a traditional Irish poem.

If you’re printing a wedding programme later on, make sure it’s in keeping with these.impressive wedding set up

Themes and your wedding venue

Hotel, marquee or barnyard, a venue is the canvas on which you’ll draw your design. Possibly the biggest challenge in any wedding plan is to find the venue that allows you to create the rest.

Whether you’ve gone for romantic period drama or quirky boho chic, your decor and flowers should both be à la mode. Find out to what degree you’ll be able to influence these, depending on your venue of choice. So if it’s a hotel room and your theme is Victorian vintage, can you drape the setting in lace, place candelabra on the tables and make roses and peonies your flowers of choice?

Themed wedding attire

Your wedding garb is crucial, as well as being the fun part of the plan! Brides and grooms — no matter what your theme of choice, Pinterest and Google are your best research buddies here. When you’ve got an idea of the look you’re trying to achieve, you can hit the shops or dressmakers armed with a rough design. Of course Ladies, if you’ve gone the non-traditional route and it’s a ‘hoolie in a hay barn’, a flowing summer dress over your glitziest pink wellies may be your kit-out for the day.

Photo credit: somethingturquoise.com
Photo credit: somethingturquoise.com

It’s all fair game

From music and transport, to the food and cake, it’s all fair game on the day.

Setting your theme to music is a must. Whether it’s a sophisticated string quartet streaming melodies from Mozart, or 1940s sultry swing-jazz — your tunes are vital.

When it comes to transport, the world is your themed oyster. Eco wedding? Opt for a horse and carriage, or sport your own electric car. If it’s barn-style, maybe a plain old horse will do (side saddle for the bride of course)!

While the entire meal doesn’t have to be designed with your theme in mind, a few small touches can add a ton of character. At a winter wedding you might start with a hearty shot of soup, or a summer solstice bash could put a focus on fresh seasonal salads.

Finally – your cake. Hand made decorations can convey anything at all. So play with your imagination and you’ll be amazed what you’ll create.

What You Need To Know About a Wedding Planner

From the time you say yes to his proposal to the time you say “I do”, there are many details you have to take care of. You have to pick the venue, theme, décor, service providers, order your cake, choose dresses for your bridesmaids and send invitations to guests, among other things. All the tasks involved can be stressful and overwhelming. That’s where a wedding planner comes in. A wedding planner helps you take care of all or part of your wedding, enabling you to relax and enjoy your big day.

So What Exactly Does A Wedding Planner Do?

Generally, wedding planners assist in the preparation and management of weddings. The tasks they do include:
Budgeting: A planner helps you craft a budget for the type of wedding you intend to have. He’ll keep track of expenses and give you money-making suggestions to help you stay on budget.
Time Management: When planning a wedding, it is easy to waste time on minor details. A planner sees the whole picture and adequately manages time to keep everything running smoothly within the timeline.
Vendors: A planner will know a broad range of providers. He can recommend the best ones that suit your style and budget. He can negotiate contracts with them, confirm orders and deliveries.
Emergencies: A wedding planner will take care of any emergencies that arise, especially during the wedding day. Because of his intervention, you may never know about the glitches that happened behind the scenes.
Guests: A wedding planner can help you prepare the guest list and manage RSVPs. He also helps you take care of your guests’ needs during your wedding such as accommodation and transportation.
Advice: A planner will give you tips, ideas and advice on different aspects of your weddings such as legalities, etiquette, colour and style.

What Types of Planning Services Are Available?

There are two main types of wedding planning services: partial service and full service. A partial planner will help you take care of some parts of your wedding. He helps you make sure all the details are finalized. He may only come for your rehearsal and actual wedding. A full-service planner will establish your tastes and needs and give you professional help on all aspects of your wedding from the time you hire him to the last dance of your wedding reception after-party.

What Are The Type Of Fees That Wedding Planners Charge?

Every wedding planner charges differently. Some charge an hourly rate for their services. Some will charge you a fraction of your wedding budget for example 15 percent. Others will charge a flat fee. The fixed amount will be based on the type of service you request.

Should You Hire A Wedding Planner?

Before you hire a wedding planner, you should first assess your current situation. Have you ever planned an event before? Do you have time to plan your wedding? If you have the time and patience, you can plan your wedding on your own. However, if you and your partner are pressed for time, it may be best to hire a wedding planner. If you are already feeling overwhelmed by all the planning activities, you need a go-to person, a wedding planner!
Before hiring a planner, you should know the areas you need help the most. If you like being in control and only have a few trouble spots, seek partial planning service. On the other hand, if you don’t know how much items cost, how to budget, how to find suitable venues and suppliers or just want to avoid stress at all costs, you are better off hiring a full-service planner.

Beach Wedding Theme

Not many things bring fantasy to reality in the manner that a beach wedding theme does. The sunshine, crashing waves and beautiful white sands provide a stellar natural backdrop that needs little décor. You can make the most of modest items to create unique décor. Wood can be used to make a rounded or rectangular arch and decorated with fresh flowers or fabric straps to set off the ocean behind.

Shells and starfish accent bouquets, favours and centrepieces. You can also incorporate them into your groom’s boutonniere. Ditch shoes for jewellery and enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes. Sit back, relax and enjoy the cool ideas below.

Source: Pinterest

Hello Yellow!!!

A yellow wedding theme reminds me of Spring. It’s fresh, bright and full of life. There are many different shades to choose from and they all work well with grey, green, purple and white. However, If you like the idea of a yellow winter wedding choose golden yellows rather than light or bright yellows. I have to say, I love a grey tuxedo with a crisp withe shirt and yellow details the colours compliment each other really well and it’s a welcome alternative to the black tuxedo

yellow bridesmaids

yellow accesories yellow tables yellow cakes yellow wedding yellow flowers


Photo Credits:

The Knot
Green Wedding Shoes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE!

I’m a big fan of all things blue, I absolutely love the mix of turquoise bridesmaid dresses, especially if you’re planning a summer wedding. The colour compliments tanned glowing skin so beautifully. I’d suggest a royal blue or ice blue if you’re planning a winter wedding. As a child I always believed blue was for boys, so your groom is sure to agree with the choice of colour.

blue accessories blue cakes blue tables blue braidsmaids2 blue flowers


Photo Credits

The Knot
Budget Bride
Bride In Bloom

The Lowdown on Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is one of the least glamorous and most confusing parts of wedding planning. While one planner may advocate for it, another planner may deem it to be an unnecessary expense. So should you get it? Getting some basic knowledge on this subject will help you determine whether or not it is right for you. Here’s all the important information you need to know about wedding insurance.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance protects you from financial loss if something that is beyond your control ruins your wedding. For example, a vendor may fail to deliver a service, forcing you to look for another vendor. Unfavourable weather conditions may make you have to reschedule the wedding. Wedding insurance protects against these and many other unforeseen circumstances.