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Wedding of Paul and Suzanne in The Westin, Dublin

Paul and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2011 in the Botanic Gardens. We knew what we wanted for a honeymoon before we started planning the wedding so this is how the date was set for just after Christmas, 28th December 2012. We had a pretty easy time of planning until disaster struck in May…our original venue cancelled leaving us stranded!

Through sheer luck we managed to book for the same day in The Westin Hotel, and looking back, it seemed that it worked out even better than we planned. I’m a graphic designer so I came up with a theme and colour scheme and made all the invitations, menus, place cards, table names, table plan etc.

Our theme was woodland as a nice throwback to where we got engaged. My family is huge but Paul’s is quite small so we decided to keep the reception to 60 people, it made it very intimate and special. We asked along an extra 100 or so to the afters to make a party of it! We think it was the best of both worlds. Our honeymoon lasted 6 weeks, with a week in Sydney, 4 weeks travelling around New Zealand and a week to relax on the way home in Koh Samui. It was such a perfect end to an exciting year of planning and a beautiful winter wedding.

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Love is Love for #MarcusPhilip @ Kilashee House Hotel and Spa

You couldn’t ask for a bigger build up to your special day, than three months of what can only be described as your country debating the relevance and importance of the love you have for your partner.

Me and Philip had been together for 12 years, and decided to take the plunge, in whatever capacity we could – it was to be a civil partnership in June 2015, and now, hopefully, an upgrade to Full Marriage later in the year. The overwhelming Yes vote put us and our friends in great spirits for what was the Biggest and Best day of our lives.

On June 13th, Myself and Philip entered into a Civil Partnership in Kilashee House in Naas. We arrived the night before, with our immediate family, and began the celebrations, quietly, with a slap up meal and a few proseccos at the Hotel Bar.

We awoke early on the day of the wedding, to utilise the Hotel gym and leisure facilities. While Philip worked out, I made the most of the sauna and Jacuzzi! One of the benefits of having the service at the Hotel, was planning a late kick off. It gave us plenty of time to relax and enjoy the day. Obviously, as 3:30pm fast approached, you realise there is never enough time.

Although two guys don’t really require the service of a make up artist, weddings are not just about the happy couple. We had Ken Boylan in to beautify our family, and also utilised the services of the Hotel Stylists.

The food after the ceremony was just superb. I have never had a better chocolate chip cookie. The guests were raving about it all. This was even surpassed at the meal. The hotel did so much better than we had planned. We had so many compliments – the best fillet beef you can imagine, just melted in your mouth.

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We had a spiritual ceremony, presided over by Deborah Boyle. It was more than just special. We worked with Deborah to personalise our service, and she encouraged us to write the ceremony and even the readings. Obviously, we are a little biased, but it was truly amazing. Deborah looked the part and moved us all with her words. The hotel prepared the room just as we asked, curtains were pulled and candles and rose petals covered the room. The music was just magical, as was the voice of Nikki Kavanagh. We had agreed the entrance song months earlier, but as a surprise, Philip had changed it to Suddenly, by Angry Anderson – any 30-something’s guilty wish- this is when the tears started, and pretty much didn’t end until the next morning.

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We dreaded the speeches. We had no groom party, so it was just the two of us. We decided to do them before the meal, so we could hopefully enjoy the rest of the day. Perhaps it was the shot of vodka, or perhaps it was just the intimacy of the room, and seeing the faces of your loved ones with big smiles, but you had to battle to take the microphone from us, in the end.

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The wedding cake was amazing. Amazing Cakes lived up to their name. It looked special, was unique to us, and was just as we had imagined, and it tasted divine.

037 marcus philip killashee house-37

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The DJ was from Midland DJs. Now, once again bias probably kicks in again, but the DJ did exactly as we had asked. Obviously not everyone would have our tastes, but he kept the dance floor filled for the entire night, and pretty much kept to our requests and guidelines, which I suppose is all you can ask for.

727 marcus philip killashee house-727 760 marcus philip killashee house-760

My words don’t describe how the day made us feel. You hope for perfection, and you quietly expect to be a little disappointed – you are waiting for something to go wrong – but it never happened. It was truly our dream wedding, from walking up the aisle, to burning off the food on the dance floor – we just want to do it all over again. (Bring on our Civil Marriage).

Epic Weekend Wedding – Wedding of Siobhan & Anthony in Amber Springs Hotel

Our Wedding day was on the 18th of October 2013, We started our Weekend Wedding by getting married in Our Lady’s church in Gorey, County Wexford. We were together for 16 years, people said if its not broke don’t fix it…We had our reception in the Amber Springs hotel in Wexford.

Were we celebrated our day with all our families and friends around us. Both my grandmothers 86 & 90 years of age were there to see us getting married which was very special to us both. Anthony and myself had arranged every little detail, from chocolate fountains, Kiddy party bags to candy buffet even down to a little surprise for Anthony with his own little cake. We wanted everything to be perfect.

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John and Ciara Watts – getting hitched on the hottest day in a decade in Dunboyne Castle Hotel!

John and I met when we were just 15 years of age, both working in a local pub as lounge boy and girl. After forming a good friendship, we got together two years later wen we were just 17. Over 8 years later, John proposed in Rome on January 6th 2012.

My best friend and one of my bridesmaids Fleur Dillon, an Artist and Interior Designer handmade all of our invitations, table plans, favours and decorations. This began our colourful and truly unique journey to our wedding day.

So the day arrived, Friday 12th July 2013. At half 7 that morning the sun was already splitting in the sky. I can safely say that our 5 child of Prague statues had worked. My bridesmaids and I stayed in my parents house in Naas the night before to kick the celebrations off. We nipped across the road to Occasions Hairdressers where they styled each of our hairs fantastically. It was already 22 degrees at this point. Next to arrive was Johns cousin, Donna Jones, a make-up artist and hair stylist who had flown all the way from Canada for our special day. She did all our make-ups and was amazing. This was so special to me as I grew up with Donna and she actually introduced John and I all those years ago while also working in the pub (Grumpy Mc Clafferty’s, Tallaght, Dublin).

Our photographers arrived next. We had DoubleClick Photography – Jill and Aaron, a couple photography team. Aaron went to John’s Mums house and Jill to mine. It was lovely to be able to look back over the photographs of John’s morning too. This is what added to the uniqueness of our day. They captured the whole day through two lenses and there wasn’t a single shot they missed. A fabulous team!!

Time ticked away quickly, I was 35 minutes late, guests were roasted in our tiny church, Kill Church, Kill, Kildare (our local church). We exchanged our vows in front of our 170 quests. Everyone gathered outside the church with the sun beaming and ray bans in check. It was already 30 degrees at this stage and not a cloud in the sky. Our wonderful photographers caught the most magical pictures of all our guests in the sun outside the Church.

We headed off to our Venue, Dunboyne Castle Hotel in Meath. We chose this venue as it was perfect for us – not too far away, beautiful grounds, linked the new with the old and provided the most wonderful, sun splitting day for all our guests. I remember Aaron, one of the photographers telling me it was 33 degrees when we were outside doing our groups shots. It was truly a memorable day. I think if we had of brought our guests to Spain, we would not have been guaranteed sun or heat like it. We are so thankful for the wonderful memories which are captured in our beautiful photographs below.

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Hottest Day In July – Wedding of Michelle & Ronan in Tankardstown

Ronan and I got married on the 17th of July 2014 in Tankardstown House. We were blessed to have the hottest day of the year. Fun and laughter was the order of the day which I’m sure you will see from the pictures. The happiest day of my life.

The party didn’t stop there! Oh no!

My parents threw us a huge garden party the next day which that morning wasn’t looking so good. As we opening the curtains in our beautiful honeymoon suite in Tankardstown. Ronan said “I hope your parents got that larger marquee they were talking about” it was lashing!

As the day went on the sun came out to greet us yet again and the party was a total sucess. My parents friends still make fun of the fact that they basically bought the marquee for the band that night as everyone preferred to dance outside because of the warm weather.

I just wish I could go back and relive every moment. I wouldn’t change a thing!

image (1)

image (2)

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Wedding of Bronagh & Stephen in The Dunadry

Our perfect day on the Unluckiest Day of the Year

We got married on Friday the 13th 2013… people gasped when we told them the date we choose, but we didn’t mind at all.

We live in Meath but I am from Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, so we looked at venues in both Meath and Antrim but my heart was at home and we choose to get married on the beautiful north Antrim coast.

I mentioned to my mother that I liked the brooch bouquet’s and she decided to make one for me, she enjoyed doing this so much that she made bridesmade brooch bouquets, buttonholes for groomsmen and a piece for herself and my mother in law.

She then decided to make the flower arrangements for the church pews using flowers and ivy from my late grandfathers gardens.
We had the most amazing day and looking back we wouldn’t change anything.

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Rena & Feargal – Intro Matchmaking Founders’ wedding day

Feargal and I got engaged in June 2013 and spent a year planning our big day. We had seen clients of ours at Intro meet, get engaged and go down the aisle so it was exciting to be taking the plunge ourselves. We wanted a large summer wedding with all of our closest family and friends. The theme was to be fun, fun and more fun.

Feargal is also very musical and from a musical family so the day would be full of beautiful sounds. We chose Ballymagarvey as our venue with it’s authentic Country House feel and romantic setting. I wore an Inbal Dror backless gown while Feargal had his suit made by Louis Copeland.

Elegant Touch provided the flowers, setting a backdrop of candles behind the alter. Some of Feargal’s professional friends from Melos Wedding Music provided beautiful music that filled the quaint Rathfeigh Church while Feargal surprised everyone by singing Nella Fantasia to me from the altar.

Our 200 enjoyed canapes and Champagne on the lawn at Ballymagarvey before we all sat down to a 5 star 7 course meal. Afterwards we danced the night away with the Harley’s. We had a wonderful wedding day, it couldn’t have been better. We threw a Barbeque the next day and we all took the opportunity to really enjoy the surroundings, relaxing in the sunshine, singing songs and chatting. A beautiful end to a beautiful experience.

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Alisia & Richard Wedding at Ballymaloe House

Alisia and Richard live in America, she’s Irish and he’s American.Their wedding was in Ireland. The ceremony was at Our Lady Star of the Sea church in Ballycotton, Co Cork and the reception at Ballymaloe House, Cork. Pictures were taken by an amazing Ewa Figaszewska. We love the way they express themselves on pictures! Hope you’re gonna like them too!

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Ceremony: Our Lady Star of the Sea church in Ballycotton, Co Cork
The reception: Ballymaloe House, Cork 
The flowers: The Village Florist, Castlemartyr
The makeup: Solas Health & Beauty, Cloyne
Photography: Ewa Figaszewska

Carol & Jody Wedding – The Station House Hotel

Carol Doherty and Jody Lewis are amazing, beautiful couple. Their wedding was at the St Martin of Tours Church in Culmullen, co Meath and reception at The Station House Hotel – top Boyne Valley and County Meath country house. It’s located just 15 minutes drive from Trim or Cavan.

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